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Why do seniors travel to LM - 8 reasons

Liptovský Mikuláš is one of the most desired and popular destinations for seniors. Why? The place provides a pleasant, almost idyllic environment in the middle of beautiful nature, with many attractive architectural monuments, museums and galleries, delicious local food like „halušky“ (potato dumplings with sweet sheep cheese), and relaxation in the famous water park. What places are worth visiting in Liptovský Mikuláš? 

We offer you 8 tips:


The historic centre, which has been declared a monument zone for 30 years, is also a pedestrian zone. It attracts for undisturbed walks along the main square of Námestie Osloboditeľov (Liberators Square) and its adjacent streets. Right at the beginning of your tour, on the background of historic architectural monuments, there is a modern Fountain of Metamorphosis attracting your attention with its coloured rotating blocks. It carries the message of the passage of time,new ideas, and it also symbolises turbine blades. And why turbines? At a time when turbines were the most advanced and powerful machines, Aurel Stodola dedicated his life to them. He came from Liptovský Mikuláš and was respected by Albert Einstein himself. You can learn about Aurel Stodola from an information board next to the fountain or from the Professor Stodola's Office exposition in the town museum. You can even find his name and the names of other 70 exceptional Mikuláš´s natives carved on the fountain. When you stop for a moment, you will see a reflection of the surrounding houses in the colourful blocks of the fountain. Because the houses once belonged to wealthy burghers, many of them are beautifully decorated. Just raise your head and you will see a relief of a peacock beautifying the nearest facade. However, remarkable details are found especially on historic landmarks.On the oldest architectural monument, the Church of St. Nicholas, you can discover the relief of the blessing St. Nicholas and a sundial; the coat of arms of the Liptov County is found on the County Hall; the bust of the world-famous graphic artist Koloman Sokol is placed on the Pongrác Manor House; and the neighbouring building, which now houses the town museum, is unmissable by its massive arcade. The atmosphere of the historic centre is completed by statues of personalities. They are life-size and are also exceptional forthe biographies of the personalitiesfound on the pedestals, so you can immediately read the story of the nobleman Pongrác, poet Janko Kráľ, founder of the Slovak amateur theatre Gašpar Fejérpataky-Belopotocký, priest and nationalist Michal Miloslav Hodža, and author of the first evangelical songbook Juraj Tranovský. After reading them, you will find out that they interfered not only in urban but also in national history. There is one more bonus waiting for you on your walks - in certain moments there are views of the panorama of the surrounding mountains behind the historic monuments. And if the walksmake you tired, choose from a number of benches and you can watch life in the town relaxing.

1 Church of St. Nicholas Fountain of Metamorphosis Statue of G. F. Belopotocký in the historical center


Historic monuments are not only beautiful matter, but also home to museums and galleries. For example, in the former Jesuit monastery there is the Slovak Museum of Nature Protection and Speleology, which – from its underground to the lookout tower – is modern, interactive and full of interesting facts about nature. The galleries are definitely worth a visit - the Liptov Gallery of P. M. Bohúň and the Gallery of Koloman Sokol. The first oneis among the oldest Slovak galleries and in addition to managing more than 5,000 works, it has a pleasant gallery garden. In the second one, there is the largest collection of works by maestro Koloman Sokol, who was also respected by Pablo Picasso. In the summer season, majestic sacred monuments are open for tours, such as the ancient Church of St. Nicholas, a synagogue with beautiful blue-gold stucco decoration, and one of the largest evangelical churches located on Tranovského Street. And what would it be like to visit Liptovský Mikuláš without visiting Jánošík´s Torture Chamber and Courtroom? Both are situated in the Janko Kráľ Museum, which has documented the history of the town since the first written mention. Each of these tourist attractions offers different experiences and knowledge. 

Liptov Gallery of P. M. Bohúň Slovak Museum of Nature Protection and Speleology Synagogue


Of course, you can get to know the historic centre yourself, but no one will provide you with as many curiosities as a tourist guide. It only takes an hour to learn about the history and present of the town. You will listen to the most compelling stories, and the guide will also point you to places you should take pictures of. This awaits you on a sightseeing route called The Story of the Town. There are also thematic tours – Jánošík´s Journey, Mikuláš´s Jews, Mikuláš´s Artists and Mikuláš´s Traditions. They all run through the historic centre, each lasting an hour and offering something special. For example, during Jánošík´s Journey you will visit an interactive exposition of Jánošík´s Torture Chamber and Courtroom, on the route Mikuláš´s Jews you will again see the Mikuláš´s Synagogue, which is one of the largest Slovak synagogues. The tours can be booked in the town´s INFORMATION CENTER, preferably in advance, so that you have a tourist guide for sure.

With a tourist guide  With a tourist guide  With a tourist guide


Leaving Liptovský Mikuláš without tasting „bryndzové halušky" (potato dumplings with special Slovak sheep cheese - bryndza), „pirohy“ (a kind of Italian ravioli, that are stuffed with cottage cheese, bryndza or jam) or „strapačky“ (potato dumplings with steamed sauerkraut) would be a real shame. The best ones are served at Liptovská Izba restaurant on the main square. In summer you have no chance to overlook this restaurant, because its terrace is always full of visitors. But you can also try international, Italian, Asian, Japanese or Greek cuisine in the town. Each according to your taste ... If you can't imagine a day without coffee, you will definitely appreciate the freshly roasted and fragrant coffee in the Aurelica roastery or the Karma Coffee café, where you can also choose from delicious cakes. However, the surrounding bake shops also offer a large selection. In Mikuláš, you will also find the Queen Caffe café, which does not have its name by chance. Behind its walls, an unusual story once took place - the great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria of England was born in the house. And how did the princess get to a small town under the Tatras? You will learn from a tourist guide during the already mentioned tour The Story of the Town.

Gastronomy   Arch caffe Gastronomy


Another plus point of the town is the enchanting nature around. From the south the town is surrounded by the Low Tatras National Park and from the north by the protecting Western Tatras which are part of the Tatras National Park. What´s more, the town is attractive by the nearby caves in the valley of Demänovská Dolina, thermal springs at which water parks arose, the Liptovská Mara water reservoir, as well as fairy-tale monuments of folk architecture. If you stay in Liptovský Mikuláš longer, you will literally have a jump to all these interesting places.

 Museum of Liptov village in Pribylina  Mt. Poludnica Liptovská Mara dam


On the northern edge of the town there is the Háj-Nicovô hill. From its top you can admire a unique circular view of the Liptov landscape –Liptovský  Mikuláš and the surrounding villages, the Liptovská Mara reservoir and, of course, the peaks of the surrounding mountains. Among them, the typical curved peak of Mt Kriváň, Mt Baranec, Mt Choč, an Mt Poludnica. There is an asphalt road leading to the top of Haj-Nicovo, but the „Nature and Landcape“ nature trail, which will introduce you to the local nature, ismuch more interesting. If you are an active senior, this 1.3 km long hiking trail with a 140-meter elevation is perfect for you. You already know that a beautiful view awaits you at the top. However, you will also find a large Sacred Place with monuments, monumental sculptures and the largest war cemetery of Czechoslovak soldiers. It tells about the time of the World War II, when some of the most difficult battles in Slovakia took place across Háj-Nicovô. Another interesting feature of the Haj-Nicovo locality is the fact that a shark tooth was found here, which testifies to the fact that the territory of Liptov was flooded by the sea 45 million years ago. Haj has long had its permanent place in the hearts of Mikuláš´s natives, because the first Mikuláš´s skiers were skiing on its slopes, the first ski jump in Liptov was built here, school balls or feasts were held here and today it is a sought-after recreational location. The place is worth visiting – what do you think? 

Forest Park Háj-Nicovô  Forest Park Háj-Nicovô  Forest Park Háj-Nicovô


Why not treat yourself to relaxation in one of the most popular water parks in Slovakia - Tatralandia? You don't even have to travel to the sea to enjoy the seawater. And not only seawater, but also thermal andclear water. And of course, a number of water massage sessions, water jets and geysers. And when you order a refreshing drink straight to the pool, you'll feel like you're in a Hollywood movie. You can continue with massages and wraps in the Wellness Centre, and various types of saunas in the Celtic Sauna World.
 Water Park Tatralandia Water Park Tatralandia Water Park Tatralandia


What would your trip be like without a nice souvenir, which will once again remind you of a moment in the town below the Tatras? There is a wide selection of souvenirs in the INFORMATION CENTER to offer you more than 100 types of magnets, postcards, books, bells, mugs, T-shirts, buff scarves for active seniors, headbands, various tourist maps and travel guides. Just come and choose.

offer of souvenirs from the Information center  offer of souvenirs from the Information center  offer of souvenirs from the Information center
offer of souvenirs from the Information center  offer of souvenirs from the Information center  offer of souvenirs from the Information center

⇒ Practical information about transport:

Liptovský Mikuláš is located on the main railway route. In addition to a good connection, free transport is provided by the Railway Company of Slovakia to passengers over 62 years of age. Find the best line at 
The railway and bus station are in one place in Liptovký Mikuláš, 1 km (approx. 13 min. walk) from the historic centre. Water Park Tatralandia is located 4 km from the historic centre.To get there in summer, passengers can take a bus line No. 13, and a suburban bus linecirculates all year round. Just look through the timetable at and enter the bus stop "Liptovský Mikuláš Aqua Park” in a search engine. The Háj-Nicovô Forest Park situated near the railway crossingis 1.5 km (approx. 18 min. walk) from the historic centre. From there you can go along the 2.2 km route of Cesta Hrdinov (the Heroes' Path) (approx. 33 min. walk) or the Nature and Landscapenature trail with a length of 1.3 km (approx. 20 min. walk) and an elevation of approx. 140 m. Of course, the way back must also be taken into account. Take away beautiful experiences from your stay in Liptovský Mikuláš!
Should you have any questions, contact the INFORMATION CENTER of the town Liptovský Mikuláš. We will be happy to advise you and provide you with free promotional materials.

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