Liptovský Mikuáš

Story of the town

With a tourist guide to the greatest attractions, interesting facts from the history, present and life of prominent personalities. Combined with photographing impressive landmarks and details of the historic center.

Liptovský Mikuláš also had its knights and a princess. And not any, but English princess. How did she get here? And what does Picasso or Einstein have to do with the town? Against whom was the St. Nicholas Church formerly fortified?  What religion were the inhabitants of the town? And what makes their temples unique? Why did the greatest personalities of the Stur´s generation come to Mikulas? Which events made history of Slovakia? And finally, where in the town can you crawl into a bear's lair?
An hour of pleasant exploration in the peaceful atmosphere of the streets of the historic centre, which is a monument zone. You will hear the fascinating story of the town and its famous personalities at 11 stops among architectural and historical monuments, former burgher houses and modern elements that complete the uniqueness of this space. At the same time, you will have plenty of time to take photos.

You will take away memories in the form of great photos that you can take during the tour. You will definitely not miss the majestic landmarks. However, the tourist guide will point out details that could escape your attention. Don't forget to show off your photos on social networks.
Elena, Žiar nad Hronom: „A really nice walk through the historic centre and the town history. I liked that the guide added information from the present too. I already know that next time I will visit the Liptov Gallery and the Museum of Nature Protection and Speleology. “
Ivan, Prešov: „I only went sightseeing to make my wife happy. In the end, the interpretation was so interesting that the hour passed quickly. And I also managed to take nice photos. “ 
Ján, Žilina: „I was surprised by the amount of curiosities in such a small place. Churches, museums, galleries, statues, etc.“  
3,90 €/adult 
3,50 €/per child aged 10 – 15, senior, with Liptov Region Card
minimum payment: 30 €, during the weekends and holiday 46 € 
children under 10 years for free- children do not count towards the amount of people in a group

We offer a guide service in Slovak and English (the price is the same for both language versions). Guide service is provided by the INFORMATION CENTER of the town Liptovský Mikuláš. You can order it via the order form:
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