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Do sport in the town of olympic winners

Perhaps any of other Slovak towns hasn´t had so many top athletes as Liptovský Mikuláš. They successfully represent Slovakia in many sports. They have won Olympic medals, world champion titles either of Europe or Slovakia. Let's mention at least the best ones – Olympic champions in canoe slalom Michal Martikán, Jakub Grigar and Elena Kaliská, world champions in the same sport Alexander Slafkovský, Olympic champion and alpine skiing world champion Petra Vlhová, world hockey champions Jerguš Bača and Marek Uram, bodybuildingworld champion Ľubo Maliňák, kickboxingworld champion Martin Navrátil, world fitness champion Dominika Multáňová and European fitness champion Michal Barbier...
You don't have to be one of the best athletes to be able to do sports in Mikuláš. At the same time, there are sports opportunities that you can experience only in this town: 

Raft as Olympic winners

At Water Slalom Area you can raft the same tracks on which the best athletes of this sports industry train and race. Contact a sports agency that will provide you not only with experienced instructors, but also with rafting equipment. And then just step boldly into the foaming water to conquer it on the rafting boats, subdue the water obstacles and cross the finish line as a winner. Once you are at this place and you still need more water, try wakeboarding and wakeskating. You can also treat yourself to a dose of terrestrial sports entertainment in the form of paintball, target shooting or relaxing Adventure golf. What is it like? It is a mini golf course. All activities at the Water Slalom Area are available from spring to autumn. And water sports don't mind rain!
Rafting - Water Slalom Area Water Slalom Area Adventure Golf - Water Slalom Area

Try running routes of Mikuláš´s Olympic winners

How about improving your condition on running routes named after Petra Vlhová and Michal Martikán? Both routes run through the Háj-Nicovô Forest Park. They are of medium difficulty, with an elevation of up to 175 meters, the longer one with a length of 5.3 kilometers is the route of Michal Martikán and the shorter 3.3-kilometer-long route is that of Petra Vlhová. You can train on a workout playground, which you will find almost on the top of Háj-Nicovô, where you will have a great viewfrom. Amazing views will accompany you from other sections as well. On the information boards you can see warm-up tips from a fitness trainer Šimon Klimčík. You will find a sign,leading you to Petra Vlhová's route, just behind the railway crossing at the entrance to the forest park, and the Michal Martikán's route can be found at the car park at the top of Háj-Nicovô, near the bike shelter. And here comes another option – to hop on your bike and get up the hill in a saddle.
At the information board - Háj -Nicovô Running routes of Petra Vlhová Workout playground    

Try to ride single trail Háj Flow in Liptovský Mikuláš

The first single trail in Liptovský Mikuláš can be found in the attractive area of Forest Park Háj-Nicovô. Approximately 800 m long one-way cycle path, with an elevation of 100 meters is built so that it can be enjoyed not only by mountain bike enthusiasts, but also by children. So why don't you try it?
Single trail Háj Flow Single trail Háj Flow Single trail Háj Flow

Fly in the only wind tunnel in Slovakia

Can you imagine the wind with a speed of 270 kilometres per hour? This is exactly the speed of wind flowing in the glass flight chamber of the Hurricane Factory wind tunnel, where you can experience the adrenaline feeling of free fall. In this place, one minute of flight equals jumping from a plane from a height of 4,000 meters. However, you do not have to worry, you will fly under the supervision of experienced instructors. You don't even have to have any previous flying experience. And if your enthusiasm for flying completely engulfs you, you can register for flying lessons at Hurricane Academy.
 Hurricane Factory  Hurricane Factory  Hurricane Factory

⇒ Information for parents of small athletes 
If you like doing sports with your children, they can  fly in a wind tunnel from the age of 5, rafting is recommended for children from 10 years – provided that the child can swim. Consider running along Olympic winners´ routes according to your child's physical fitness, or you can use the routes as easy tourist terrain. Single trail Háj flow is designed so that even children can handle it, consider the ride according to your child's abilities and skills.

One more recommendation: And what about cycling, for example?

You can enjoy an undisturbed ride on a bicycle or inline skates along the 6.6 km long cycle path along the banks of the Váh River. The cycle path leads to the southern edge of the town with the peaceful surroundings of the River Váh. Along the trail you can relax in three bike shelters and on many benches. Your little ones will definitely appreciate the playgrounds in the immediate vicinity of the bike trail. 
Cycle path along the river Váh  Cycle path along the river Váh  Cycle path along the river Váh
This is the top sports offer by Liptovský Mikuláš, but in addition to that, you can also play tennis, squash, bowling, visit fitness centres, shooting ranges, a skating simulator or ice rinks. Complete offer of sports grounds and activities you can find in the tourist database, after entering in the search engine "To whom - Athletes".
Should you have any questions, contact the INFORMATION CENTER of the town Liptovský Mikuláš. We will be happy to advise you and provide you with free promotional materials.

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