Liptovský Mikuáš

Bike path along the river Váh

Bike path along the river Váh

In a beautiful clean environment on the bank of the longest Slovak river Váh, you can go cycling, inline skating or riding scooters undisturbed. Along the route, there are 3 bike shelters, several benches, and childrens and workout playgrounds close to the trail. read more
There is a Park Tool and Rock Machine service point at Hotel Lodenica, where cyclists and skaters have free access to a pump and basic tools if needed. The 6,6 km long bike trail runs from the town part of Ondrašová along the Paludžansky and Vrbický bridges up to the bridge in the town part of Okoličné. The cycle route continues through the urban estate of Podbreziny. If you make a short detour over the Vrbický bridge, you will reach the Ondrej Cibák Water Slalom Area, which belongs to the well-known localities of the town.
In the case of enough natural snow cover, the bike path turns into a cross-country track in the winter.

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