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Žiarska valley

Just a 14-kilometer drive from Liptovský Mikuláš and you will find yourself surrounded by the beautiful nature of Žiarska valley. It is a valley located in the Western Tatras, which are a part of the Tatra National Park. The parking lot at the mouth of the valley is accessible by car and bus. From here you can walk up the Žiarska valley to the Žiarska mountain cottage. This is an undemanding walk particularly popular with families with children. There is a mountain scooter rental next to the Žiarska cottage and a bear adit open to the public at the entrance to the valley. The Žiarska valley is the starting point for many alpine hikes to the peaks of the Western Tatras exceeding 2000 m.a.s.l. which are suitable for experienced hikers..  

1. A walk through the Žiarska valley to the Žiarska mountain cottage

A 6-kilometer long route starting at the mouth of the Žiarska valley will take you to the Žiarska mountain cottage. There is the Šarafiový waterfall and a symbolic cemetery in memory of the people who died in the Western Tatras mountains in its vicinity. The cottage has a snack bar and offers accommodation for those who wish to set off on alpine hikes through the Western Tatras mountains from here.   

Žiarska valley - Žiarska cottage Žiarska valley Baranec - Žiarska valley
Žiarska cottage, Žiarska valley
Tel.: +421 44 559 15 25  +421 917 598 721 
Price list  Distance Liptovský Mikuláš » Žiarska cottage 19 km

2. Mountain scooters

You need to walk to get to the Žiarska mountain cottage but to get back to the valley you can ride a mountain scooter instead. The rental is next to the Žiarska hut. You will whizz down the valley in about 30 minutes and then return the scooter at the parking lot located at the beginning of the valley. Each scooter rental includes a safety helmet. You can also rent a scooter child seat (up to 20 kg). Always think about your safety and the safety of other tourists when riding down and adjust your riding to the condition of the route surface.

 Scooters Žiarska valley Scooters Žiarska cottage - Žiarska valley Scooters Žiarska valley
Scooters Liptov, Žiarska valley 
Tel.: +421 904 744 452   +421 904 438 452
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3. Bear adit

It took miners decades to dig the mine shafts. The prospect of gold motivated them to endure every hardship and made them put their lives in danger.  You will see how extremely tough their job was. That was the reason why the miners asked “permoníks”, the mining elves you may still meet even today, for protection. The mine is lit with oil lamps, just as it once used to be. To enjoy the experience to the fullest, every visitor is provided a headlamp at the entrance to the cave. Bear adit is the only mining site in Liptov that is open to the public. The tour covers 400 meters and takes 30 minutes.
Bear adit - Žiarska valley Bear adit - Žiarska valley Bear adit - Žiarska valley
Logo Bear adit Žiarska valleyBear adit, Žiarska valley
Tel.: +421 908 640 061
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Distance Liptovský Mikuláš » Bear adit 13 km