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Church of St.Nicholas-interior tour

Church of St.Nicholas-interior tour

Have a look at the jewels of the oldest constructional monument in the town – the biggest Early Gothic building in the region of Liptov! It was built as a parish church for 5 nearby settlements. Firstly, it used to stand alone in the middle of the countryside, then the town of Svätý Mikuláš was developed around it step by step. This imposing sacral building is located in the place where there was an older Romanesque church in the past. read more
When the one-nave Church of St. Nicholas was being built in 1280 - 1300, the Romanesque church was changed to a sacristy and became the oldest part of the whole temple. The church was widened and vaulted in the mid 15th century, the tower was made higher and redesigned in the Late Gothic style. In the same period, the whole temple got fortified along with Pongrác curia and a moat was built around. Later, it underwent a Baroque renovation. After an extensive reconstruction of 1941-43, the church could shine again in its Early Gothic design. The fortification wall was removed and side chapels with beautiful stained-glass windows were built next to it. audio guide
❶ Stained-glass windows. The first stained glass – Apotheosis of the Eucharist was designed by Ján Želibský and produced by a company that made the windows of the St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague as well. This “antique” window, which was placed inside the southern side nave in 1942, looked like a magic of heaven so there were other colourful stained-glass windows added to let more light into the church and designed by Janko Alexy, Lea Mrázová, Štefan Cpin and Fero Kráľ. They depict various saints such as Joseph, Cyril and Methodius, Svorad, Augustine, motives of the Heart of Virgin Mary, the Eucharist, Prince Pribina. audio guide
❷ The altar of Virgin Mary was made around 1470-80. In its central part, there is a sculpture of Madonna with her child, St. Barbara, St. Margaret, St. Catherine and St. Dorothea are placed around her. Movable altar wings depict scenes from the life of Virgin Mary. On the boundary line of the altar, there are two angels holding Veronica´s veil with the face of Christ. audio guide
❸ Baptismal font. The calyx-shape baptismal font of stone dates back to 1490, its wrought Baroque cover of copper to the 17th century. audio guide
❹ Triumphal arch, which dominates the main nave of the church, is decorated with the motif of a sacrificial lamb embraced by angels and was made by Jozef Hanula in 1903. audio guide
❺ Altar of St. Nicholas. In the middle of the main altar from 1903, there is the patron of the church – St. Nicholas. A sculpture of St. Ladislas is placed to his left and a sculpture of St. Stephen to his right. Movable altar wings depicting various scenes from the life of St. Nicholas date back to the years 1500 to 1510. Baroque sculptures that used to be part of the main altar in the past are displayed in the Museum of Janko Kráľ. audio guide
❻ The Altar of the Eucharist is unique as for its overall design. It depicts the Eucharist instead of the traditional figural sculpture. The wooden goldplated relief represents an almost 1.5 metre-high monstrance which is held by two kneeling angels. audio guide
❼ Sgraffiti inside chapels, as well as paintings on the choir loft were made by Janko Alexy, who was born in Liptovský Mikuláš. In his hometown, he initiated rescuing Pongrác curia and was instrumental in establishing the Museum of Janko Kráľ and Liptov gallery of P. M. Bohúň. It was also thanks to him that the Bratislava castle rose from its ruins. audio guide
❽ A relief above the main entrance from 1945 depicts the beginnings of the town. There is a blessing figure of St. Nicholas and aristocrat Marko, to whom King Béla IV gave land to build a curia and a church on. The third figure is a nobleman Bogomer, who was propagating constructing activities in the Liptov region around 1268. audio guide
❾ A sundial in the southern section of the church is decorated by a ceramic relief that symbolises the fight of St. George with a dragon. audio guide

Church of St. Nicholas - Roman Catholic parish officeMoyzesova 662/3, Liptovský Mikuláš

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