Liptovský Mikuáš
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Historical center

Walks through the streets between ancient landmarks and town houses. To make them special, try our online tour Historical Compass, visit interesting museums, galleries, sacred monuments, but also by sitting in pleasant restaurants.

Museums, galleries and monuments

Interactive Slovak museum of Nature Protection and Speleology, Jánošík Torture Chamber and Courtroom, the ancient Church of St. Nicholas, a magnificent synagogue, a modern fountain, the third oldest Slovak gallery, the statue of Our Mother, one of the most perfect sculptures in the world,...

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Story of the town

With a tourist guide to the greatest attractions, interesting facts from the history, present and life of prominent personalities. Combined with photographing impressive landmarks and details of the historic center.

Town bike trail

The town bike trail will take you safely to the biggest tourist attractions, great restaurants and cafes in the historic center. Although the historic centre of Liptovský Mikuláš is a pedestrian zone, cyclists are allowed to enter it.

With Historical compass

A walk with period photographs, interesting facts and memories of personalities that will speak to you from audio recordings. Almost two dozen historical buildings, figures and important events in a modern way and thanks to the online guide, whenever you want.

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