Liptovský Mikuáš
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Have a guide at your disposal at all times? Yes, on your mobile phone! 

Such are online tours. A new feature is the Historical Compass, which presents the history of three dozen important buildings in an easy and modern way. Through period photographs, interesting facts or memories of personalities that speak to you from audio recordings. Another online route navigates you to 13 museums and galleries, among which stand out the Slovak Museum of Nature Protection and Speleology (the only one of its kind in Slovakia), the Jánošík torture chamber and the courtroom or the third oldest Slovak gallery – Liptovská galéria P. M. Bohúň. The no longer existing Jewish community or the legendary bandit captain Jánošík are also connected with the history of this town.

Special place among the online tours have the tours of 4 spiritual monuments which are open for visitors during the summer (July and August). You will learn about their greatest attractions from the audio guides.

Museums and galleries

They are also top in Slovakia – the interactive Slovak Museum of Nature Protection and Speleology, Jánošík's torture chamber and courtroom, the third oldest gallery in the republic,...

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Treasure of religious monuments

History and interesting details of precious interiors of the Church of St. Nicholas, the Lutheran Church, the Synagogue and the Church of St. Peter of Alcantara via audio guides, photo galleries and short texts.

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Historical compass

Come and wander the streets of Liptovský Mikuláš and get to know almost 30 historical buildings, personalities and important events of the city. All you need is a mobile phone.

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The Jánošík's journey

In the footsteps of the immortal bandit captain Juraj Jánošík, who was tried, tortured and finally executed in Liptovský Mikuláš! How did an ordinary bandit become a legend comparable to the famous Robin Hood?

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The Mikuláš's Jews

A sightseeing tour of the captivating destinies of personalities of an important community, which co-created the town´s history for more than two centuries. The first Jewish families came to Mikuláš around 1720.

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