Liptovský Mikuáš

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The nature trail is focused on the protection of the local nature and its curiosities. It will take you back 45 million years ago, when the territory of Liptov was flooded by the sea, as evidenced by the findings of fossils. read more
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The ascent to the top of Háj is thus a walk through the deep-sea bottom. The area is a mixed forest and a rarity is the black poplar right at the beginning of the nature trail. It is more than a century old. A wild boar, a red fox, a tree squirrel, a forest owl, a great woodpecker, and a brown frog are typical inhabitants. The fascinating world of insects is definitely worth a look. You can also discover it in the insect house, which, including a flower meadow, is located about halfway along the route. A short walk away you will find a wooden playground. The nature trail at the top of Háj is completed by the stairs of time. They are an example of the profile of the geological subsoil of the Liptov Basin, part of which is also Háj-Nicovô. Descending the stairs, you will be pushed back 460 million years ago. The oldest rocks of Liptov - resistant granite rocks - can be seen today as the highest peaks of the surrounding mountains. From here you will have a unique view of them.

Trail length: 1.3 km (from the starting point at the railway crossing to the parking lot at the top of Háj. You can return by the same route or along the road Cesta generála P. Kunu - 2 km)
Elevation: 140 meters
Attractions along the nature trail: a century-old poplar tree, an insect house, a flower meadow, a playground, and stairs of time.

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