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With children to Liptovský Mikuláš - happy choice

Traveling with children is an amazing opportunity for building strong family relationships, collect common experiences, create beautiful memories, and it is also a way for children to learn about the world around them. Each parent takes into account several criteria when choosing a destination. It is first and for most safety and also the ability of the destination to meet the needs of all family members, even with regard to large age differences. Shortly, not only children want to have fun. Mothers, fathers and grandparents also want to enjoy their time. This all is offered by the town of Liptovský Mikuláš. Let's answer the question together: What specifically to do with the children in the town surrounded by mountains? The answer is simple. You will experience real ADVENTURES WITH NICHOLAS. Saint Nicholas, who gave the town its name, will lead you through interesting facts, fun and relaxation, and he will also speak to your offspring in children's speech. You will have an opportunity to experience bandits, discover the secrets of nature in the most modern museum in Slovakia, have a picnic in the gallery garden in the middle of the historic centre, and to see a piece of Liptov region and Mt. Kriváň from the best town´s viewing point. Treat yourself to a contact ZOO, test the bike trail leading along the banks of the River Váh, conquer the canoe track where Olympic canoe slalom winners train, experience the feelings of a parachutist, have a lot of fun in a water park and laser arena, and solve puzzles in Paradox escape room.

In this invitation we offer you a few possibilities, but there is much more in the programme FOR FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN.


Family wandering around the museum

Search for the secrets of caves and life in the caves, rare plants, animals and minerals. Find a fossil, slip through a narrow cave slit, and climb into a bear's lair.
In the past, people found huge bones in a cave. They thought they were dragons. However, they belonged to a cave bear. When he stood on his hind legs, he was twice as tall as a human. Come to the museum and verify, how huge it was! When you enter the museum, take a notebook prepared for you with lots of interesting information and fun tasks, and start your great expedition through the beauty, diversity and mysteries of nature. Test whether you can recognize animals by sounds! Take a close look at the menacing wolf, playful foxes, many beetles and butterflies, the names of which sound like a tongue twister. Explore dinosaurs and other extinct animals and plants. Take a look at the mysterious prehistoric cult mask and the skeleton of a cave lion. He was a feared predator more than 10,000 years ago. If you have difficulty recognising minerals at school, it is over now –those in the museum play music. Don't you believe? Nature has gota lot of surprises in store!


Let yourself to be chaptured 

Who would not know Juraj Jánošík? You can learn even more about him. Let yourself be captured and you will find yourself in Jánošík´s Torture Chamber or Courtroom. Here you can become a judge, a lawyer and Jánošík himself in period costumes. Don't forget to take a selfie in a judge's chair or on a torture rack! You can also head to the Jánošík´s Garden.
Jánošík´s Torture ChamberJánošík´s Torture ChamberJanošík ´s Courtroom
More than 300 years ago, the Slovak mountains were home to well-built brigands. They wore costumes, braided hair, pistols tucked in their belts, and shepherd's crook in their hands. Led by Captain Juraj Jánošík, they stole weapons, ducats (gold coins used for trade in Europe until World War I), food and clothes. Then they hid their prey in secret hiding places. Because of this, Jánošík was caught, imprisoned in Liptovský Mikuláš, tortured, tried and finally hanged on a gallows tree. The gallows can be seen in Jánošík´s Courtroom, the torture instruments in the dark Torture Chamber.

Raft like an Olympic winner 

Tame the wild waters of an artificial canal! Float down the canoe track where Olympic canoe slalom winners Michal Martikán and Elena Kaliská train.
Liptovský Mikuláš is famous for its successful canoe slalom racers. They have won valuable medals in many important races. Their victories would not be possible without proper preparation. They train honestly on the tracks of the Water Slalom Area. In addition to their training, these tracks can also be used for rafting by recreational athletes. Will you accept the challenge and take a ride in foamy water? However, you must be able to swim and be at least 10 years old. Everything else will be explained to you by an experienced instructor, who will be with you in the raft during rafting. Although the rafting is really fast, don't worry. Except for the instructor, there is also a rescue teamon the shore (just to be sure). Upon arrival, just put on your gear in the locker room. In addition to gears for adults, there are also children's gears. The instructor will completely prepare it for you.

Colorful land of illusion 

Main words in the ILUSIA gallery are optical illusion, mirrors and ingenious 3D paintings that will try to outmanoeuvre your eyesight. Take family or friends with you, experience a lot of fun and tricks, and take a great photo!
 Ilusia GalleryIlusia GalleryIlusia Gallery
Stand the right way and you will become a part of interesting images. You will float in space, touch an elephant, you will get trapped under the water surface, and the little ones will be big, ... See for yourself what the play of colours, tricks and mirrors can do. Aim your camera and capture all the fun moments. Your photos will definitely be unforgettable.

Animal life from close range

Enter the enclosures and aviaries, feed and pet a camel, pelican, parrot or kangaroo, find out the names of lions or bears. Which of them you will take a selfie with?

In ZOOKONTAKT you are not only allowed to watch the animals, but also enter their homes, touch their soft fur, feed them, pet them. Visitors are accompanied by caregivers - passionate young people,who know an incredible amount about animals. Just listen to them for a while, ask the right questions and you will learn many interesting things. Not only about the life of domestic animals, but also about wild Slovak and exotic animals. In ZOOKONTAKT you will meet about 120 species of animals, among them bears, lions, kangaroos, squirrels, llamas, camels, parrots, pelicans ... They are used to human society, they are calm and often playful, they often literally pose for a photograph.



Endless attractions in the Tatras

We hope the Tatralandia water park will open its gates soon. If so, what activity to choose? Bathing or riding water slides and tubes? Exploring Caribbean Pirate´s Island or a wrecked boat? Observing sea anemones and fish? Try everything! 

Boredom has no chance in Tatralandia! Wherever you turn, there is water everywhere – thermal water, sea water and clear water. And loads of fun in it! Look! The smallest onesare having fun in the Pirate´s Pool and riding down the water slides into a moat. If you are at Tropical Paradise, take a look at the shipwreck, then jump into the snorkel pool, dive into the water and watch life in the sea! You can see beautifully coloured sea fish, anemones, shells and corals. Or search for pirate treasure. Relax for a while under the palm trees and gather strength for another adventure - amazingwater slide rides.If being 120 cm tall, you can ride most of them. If you want to do something for your health, tell your parents that Celtic Sauna World is open to children over 6 every day.
P.S. Baby Silent Zone is created for little poppets and their mothers - a space for hygiene, food preparation and relaxation during a day full of fun.

Picnic in the gallery garden

However, if we want to stay in the town centre, here we also can find a perfect place to relax. The Liptov Gallery of P. M. Bohúň is located in the middle of the historic centre, it has a beautiful gallery garden made for picnics!
Bring something delicious, find the right place and the picnic in the fragrant grass can begin. Or borrow a book from a bookstore and start writing a story. You will definitely enjoy reading when you sit on one of the benches bearing a signature of a Mikuláš´s artist. There is also an interesting playground created for children by the artist Michal Hanula! From the garden you can enter the third oldest gallery in Slovakia that is named after the painter Peter Michal Bohúň. He was a master of portraiture. Do you know what portraiture or portrait stands for? Here's the answer: more than 150 years ago, photography was not common. When someone wanted to keep an image of a loved one, he/she had his portrait painted. The people in Bohúň's paintings are as if to be alive. He cared about every detail. On five-year-old Marienka Medvecka´s dress, jewelry and portrait he even painted toys that children used to play with. Look at it with your own eyes and try to find the place in the picture where his signature is hidden!

But there are many more opportunities for a family holiday in Liptovský Mikuláš. Here is a complete programme for stays with children. However, if you get tired of discovering the town in the heart of Liptov, you can go to any cardinal direction – wandering in the countryside, swimming, hiking, and other fun activities are within a few kilometres, literally within reach.
Should you have any questions, please contact the INFORMATION CENTER of the town Liptovský Mikuláš. We will be happy to advise and provide you with free promotional materials. And we also have a surprise for you – a Nicholas´ cap. We are looking forward to you!

Day 13.3.2024