Liptovský Mikuáš


The Lutheran church in Liptovský Mikuláš could be built only after the Edict of Tolerance had been promulgated by Joseph II in 1781, which enabled Lutherans to construct churches, however, only outside squares and without towers or bells. Lutherans of 13 townsand villages in the Liptov region helped build the church of Mikuláš in 1783-1785. The simple classicistic building without a tower had served for almost hundred years when the town was hit by fire that damaged the attic and parish office. During the church renovation, walls were made higher and a massive tower was added to the southern wall to serve as the entrance. The three-nave vaulted space features big galleries over the side naves, which makes the temple one of the biggest Lutheran churches in Slovakia with 1,700 seats. The interior with a classicistic pulpit is dominated by a big late baroque altar with an extension and side sections. The precious organon the western gallery dates back to 1892.
❶The pulpit was given to the church by district governor Emerich Pongrácz and his wife in1806. Their coats of arms decorate the pulpit roof structure.
❷Late baroque altar (6.5 m high) with wood carving decorations and gilded elements. Sculptures of evangelists Matthew and John on the sides of the Crucified Christ (painting), archangel Michael with a devil at his feet and a symbol of God´s eye over the donator´s coat of arms (2a).
❸ Marble baptismal font from 1935 with a copper cover.
❹ Memorial plaques dedicated to Juraj Janoška, M. M. Hodža, Juraj Tranovský, Vladimír Kuna and the 500th anniversary of the reformation.
❺Original crystal chandeliers were too heavy for the vault and had to be replaced by new ones made of Slovak crystal.
❻Galleries over side naves and in the western section.
❼Added tower with three bells and the main entrance.
❽Sandstone sculptures of Juraj Tranovský and M. M. Hodža.
❾ Old parish office with expositions: Tatrín and The Demands of the Slovak Nation.
The exposition of church service textiles and items at the old Lutheran parish office introduces unique pieces, e.g. a chalice linen, embroidered in 1693, historic altar garments and precious copies of Cithara sanctorum. The first edition of 1636 contained 412 religious songs; their number grew to 1,300 later. 
Reformation ideas of Martin Luther spread also to the region of Liptov in the early 16th century. People in Liptovský Mikuláš were so impressed that almost everybody converted to the Lutheran church. Since the mid 16th century, Lutheran pastors were preaching even at the Church of St. Nicholas, which had been Catholic. Juraj Tranovský, the author of the Lutheran hymnal Cithara sanctorum too. After the church had been returned to the Catholic church in 1680, Lutherans used the church in Paludza, 8 km far, for another hundred years. Since 1785, they have had their own church that was built in today´s historic town district. People restored the choir of Vrbica – Liptovský Mikuláš and focused on active religious work, charity, education and culture. A parish office, a Lutheran school (present-day gallery), the Tranoscius publishing house and a Lutheran church house were built at the church. A Lutheran quarter was created here and witnessed significant events during the era of M.M.Hodža – establishing of the first national cultural society – Tatrín and compiling the first political programme of Slovaks – The Demands of the Slovak Nation. When Juraj Janoška was ordained the first head bishop of the Lutheran church, Liptovský Mikuláš became bishop´s seat.

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Lutheran church
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