Liptovský Mikuláš

Liptovský Mikuláš - erb mesta
Klaster LIPTOV - Liptov treba zažiť
Pohľady z mesta Liptovsky Mikulas

Termal Raj Liptovský Ján

Distance LM - Termal Raj Liptovský Ján - 10 km
The area of swimming pool is situated in one of the most beautiful valleys of Nízke Tatry - in the Jánska Valley.

In summer months, you can gain new strengths from the thermal water in four outdoor swimming pools – 50 m long pool, children’ s pool, relaxation pool and a pool with a fountain. The indoor pool of the Hotel Sorea Máj is open throughout the year. The pools are drawn from the spring Rudolf, from the depth of 95 m. Comfortably warm (26–28 °C) mineralized water has beneficial effects by treating nervous diseases, motion organ diseases (also conditions after injuries and orthopaedic operations), airway and skin diseases.